August 8, 2020
We are looking to proceed with the 2020 Fall Session. 
Specific precautions pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic to be followed are as per the guidance and directives provided or mandated by the Government of Canada, Government of Ontario, Canada Soccer, and / or Ontario Soccer.
The below is a LIST OF EXAMPLES. They will be confirmed before the season starts.
Mask Guidelines
     - Be respectful! Please.
     - All people (spectators & arriving players / match officials) inside the building must wear a mask.
     - Players and substitutes will not be required to wear a mask from the time that they enter the field of play for warm-ups until after any on-field cool down.
     - Coaches (that are not also players playing in the match) must wear a mask.
     - The mask must cover your mouth and nose.
     - 1 entry door (main entrance to facility), 1 exit door (from dome directly to parking lot)
     - Hand sanitizing station at entry to building / dome
     - Respecting social and physical distancing guidelines (6ft / 2m) when not on the field (includes substitutes),
     - No more than 15 players/coaches per team at the facility,
     - No spectators,
     - Players to arrive in kit,
     - Changerooms are off-limits.
     - Teams set up bench area (substitutes) on opposite sides of the field (not opposite side of half),
     - No coin-toss,
     - Spitting on the turf will be a red card,
     - No heading the ball,
     - No pre-/post-game handshakes.