Rules and Regulations




AISL Rules and Regulations:

   AISL Return to Play Guide

Includes: a list of return to play modifications, which supersede any contradicting information.

Includes: registration, scoring and tie-breaking, protests, suspensions, etc.

  AISL Modifications to the IFAB Laws of the Game

Includes: field of play, call-ups, duration of match, ball in and out of play, free kicks, etc.



IFAB Laws of the Game Documents and Videos:

  Laws and Documents from IFAB

  IFAB: Video of Handball Update/Explanation

  IFAB: Video of Defensive Wall at a Free Kick Update/Explanation

  IFAB: Video of Dropped Ball Update/Explanation



AISL Rule Summaries and Discipline Policies:

  AISL Rules Summary

  Playoff Tie-Breaking Procedures

  Description, Interpretation, and Result of Committing a Slide Tackle Challenge

  Ontario Soccer - Standard Penalties for Misconduct (entire document found HERE)




Updated: August 2021